Participants can:
  • Develop a healthy relationship with self

  • Discover the writer within you

  • Problem-solving and self-processing skills

  • Maximize time and business efficiency

  • Safely release emotions

  • Access information stored in the subconscious and unconscious minds. . . And more!

Workshops can take place in the comfort of your home or onsite in Norcross. 

Organize a total group of four and you will get free registration! Contact to get started.

Words and writing can change lives.
Are you ready to change yours?
During the 6-week workshop taught you will experience 18 different journal writing techniques. This program is based on the work of Kathleen Adams.



Years ago. Something happened. Everybody knows but her.

Tucked away inside her mind. What is hidden, wants out.

Available Now!

Available wherever books are sold

One day, it hits you. You’re his pet, a chew toy, his follower and worshipper. When that day comes, you change your mind and say it ain’t for you anymore. But you can’t say no to him. He doesn’t allow that once he’s decided you’re the one. 

The launch of Hidden was AMAZING! Watch the video and share in the joy everyone experienced.

My goal is to empower people through stories, to underscore the power of choice, and to highlight the ability of people to stand, survive, and thrive in the consequences of their choices.
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